Our Fees

We work on a fee-only basis. That means we are paid by you, the client, because we think that's the best way to ensure that you get objective advice. We receive no commissions, trail fees, incentive fees or any other type of compensation from other sources.

There is no fee for an initial consultation with us. We offer a one-hour get-acquainted meeting during which we can discuss which services you need and what we can offer.  We have three basic compensation arrangements:

  • We provide ongoing investment management for an annual fee of 1% of the value of the assets managed, charged quarterly in advance. Fees are lower for larger accounts. We do not have a minimum size account. However, we do have a minimum quarterly fee of $500. At the discretion of the adviser, ongoing management clients might receive some or all of our financial planning services for free.
  • We charge an hourly fee to provide financial planning and investment advice without ongoing asset management. Our hourly fee is generally $200. We generally provide a written cost estimate to those interested in hourly projects.
  • We charge a flat fee for some projects, based on the complexity of the work. Project fees are quoted in advance.

Clients might occasionally incur miscellaneous fees, including transaction fees when a trade is placed. Those fees are paid directly to the brokerage firm and not to us. We try to minimize expenses whenever possible and usually prefer funds that do not have a transaction fee.